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What is included in Highlander Orientation? 

  • Experience life as a UCR student in our residence halls.
  • Register for classes using our online R'Web registration system.
  • Meet your academic advisor and learn about classes in your major.
  • Discover new study and time management skills.
  • Enjoy live entertainment.
  • Network with student leaders from over 200 UCR student organizations.
  • Meet representatives from the Residence Hall Association (RHA) during "Highlander Happenings," a fun-filled nighttime event with movies, video games and dancing!
  • Connect with other incoming first-year students, many of whom you will share your undergraduate years at UCR.

Do I need to pay my full tuition at Highlander Orientation?

No. All student Highlander Orientation registration fees are automatically billed in August to your Fall Statement of Account. Students are then notified via R'Mail when the statement is ready on our R'Web website. The Orientation registration payment is due on September 15, 2017, along with tuition and other fees. Fees and tuition are paid either by mail, on R'Web or in person at the Main Cashiers Office at Highlander One Stop Shop (HOSS) in the Student Services Building.

The Family Orientation fee, merchandise fees or cancellation fees must be paid by check, money order or with an online credit card payment. Payments must be received before you attend your Highlander Orientation.

Which college am I in?

The University's departments and majors are structured into three Colleges: the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (CHASS), the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences (CNAS) and the Bourns College of Engineering (BCOE). Your UCR application material will indicate which college holds your major.

What about placement examinations?

Most first-year students need to complete their placement exams before attending Highlander Orientation. The results will play a critical role in the class registration process. For examination dates, locations and fees, visit Placement Exams.

Will attendance at Highlander Orientation increase my success as a UCR student?

Absolutely. Highlander Orientation will give you a head start in your college experience. Orientation offers an opportunity to meet with staff from your academic college and register early for Fall classes. Interestingly, students who attend Highlander Orientation consistently achieve higher grade point averages and are more likely to continue on with their education than those who do not attend.

Is Highlander Orientation mandatory for international students?

Depending on their visa status, International first-year students have the option of attending Highlander Orientation. If a student has an F-1 or J-1 visa and is currently living outside of the United States, participation may be impossible. The student is then advised to contact Undergraduate Admissions at (951) 827-3411 or internationalinfo@ucr.edu. Please include the student's full name and Student Identification Number (SID#) in all communications.

However, all international students are required to attend a mandatory International Student Orientation. This includes those with an F-1 or J-1 visa, those who attend high school in the United States and those who have already attended a Highlander Orientation. The International Student Orientation will take place at the International Student Resource Center (ISRC). Details regarding this mandatory Orientation will be sent to via R'Mail in May. For more information, contact ISRC at (951) 827-4113 or internationalcenter@ucr.edu.

What is the Family Orientation Program?

UCR has created two programs: Family Orientation and Spanish Language Family Orientation. Both include informative workshops, presentations and tours. These will help your family members learn more about UCR and better understand what you will be experiencing as a first-year UCR student.

Are family members required to attend?

Family members are not required to attend Family Orientation. However, more than half of incoming first-year students bring at least one adult family member to this informative program. Your family members will learn more about UCR and better understand what you will be experiencing as a first-year UCR student.

When can I register?

You can register today!

How do I confirm my registration?

The primary form of communication for the University is R'Mail. Shortly after you register, you will receive an emailed confirmation of your Highlander Orientation session. Please log in to your R'Mail account regularly for exciting updates and events. 

What if I need to change my registration?

A request to change a confirmed Orientation date must be received at least 10 business days prior to the confirmed Orientation date. If space on the new date allows for the change, you will be added. A date-change fee of $25 will then be accessed to the Orientation fees and payments account statement.

Where is UC Riverside?

Visit Maps & Directions for a complete list of directions and transportation options.

When will I be billed for Highlander Orientation?

Your Highlander Orientation payment will be automatically billed to your Fall 2017 Statement of Account. This will arrive in August. The Family Orientation, merchandise and any cancellation fees must be paid before your Orientation via check, money order or credit card. 

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