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To Do List Before You Arrive  

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Before your Highlander Orientation Session please complete the following items:

  • Submit all of your standardized testing scores (A.P, IB etc) and final transcripts from your high school or other schools.
  • Take the UC Analytical Writing Placement Exam (AWPE)

* If you missed the statewide exam in May visit placementtest.ucr.edu to see other test dates available.

  • Take the Math Advisory Exam (MAE) placement test, if your major requires you to do so (all of CNAS, all of BCOE, and selected majors within CHASS).

* Visit placementtest.ucr.edu to schedule a test date in May/June.

* The following CHASS Majors need to take the MAE: PRBS, PSYC, LBST, ECON, ECAT, ECLW,

BSEC, PSAT, SCAT, HSAT, AHAT, NRSC, PYLW, and anyone in HSUN considering one of the above


*Failure to complete these placement exam requirements prior to attending Orientation will prevent you from registering for English (AWPE) or Math/Science (MAE) courses during Orientation, and you will have to register for these courses at a later date after completing the exam(s).

  • Submit your Statement of Legal Residency. If you have any questions regarding your Statement of Legal Residency, please contact:
  • Registrar’s Office
    2249 Student Services Building
    Riverside, CA 92521
  • Residency Affairs Officer
    M. Kendra McCann
    Tel: (951)827-5970
    E-mail: Kendra.mccann@ucr.edu

* To complete the Pre-Orientation Module, please visit preorientation.ucr.edu.

* This information will make class registration so much easier!

  • Complete the Freshmen Survey online (entered to win a $100 Campus Store gift card). You will receive an email in your R’Mail account sometime in June or July with more information.
  • Check your UCR email account constantly.


More Information

General Campus Information

University of California, Riverside
900 University Ave.
Riverside, CA 92521
Tel: (951) 827-1012

Department Information

Highlander Orientation
229 Highlander Union Building

Tel:(951) 827-2789 or (951) 827-2785
Fax: (951) 827-2439
E-mail: orientation@ucr.edu

Highlander Orientation for Transfers Program
3106 Student Services Building

Tel:(951) 827-4531
Fax: (951) 827-6346
E-mail: lisa.tyson@ucr.edu